What is AntiGravity® Fitness & Yoga?

It’s a practice that combines elements coming from yoga, the pilates, dance, gymnastics and aerial arts. It is challenging but very fun activity that in a short time can bring numerous benefits to body and mind. It makes use of the Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity hammock that supports all the body and allows you to take advantage of the gravity decompression instead of compression as it happens in everyday life, making it easier to perform certain asanas that would otherwise be hindered by force severity. The spearhead of this technique are the INVERSIONS made in total safety thanks to the support of the hammock, without tension and load on the cervical area but rather with huge benefits for the entire spine and much more !!

Why AntiGravity®?

    • Antigravity decompressing the spine, can help to increase strength and flexibility without burdening on joints
    • Elongation of the spine and disc hydration
    • Vertebral realignment and improved posture
    • It also creates a refresh lymphatic and anti-aging effect
    • At the end of the lesson you will be 3 cm taller … but unfortunately the effect disappear during the day!

The AG hymn is


… But above all you have a great time !!

Cristopher Harrison and AntiGravity® Fitness & Yoga

“I can now see every step of my life, personal and professional, leading me to this point and the birth of an entirely new genre of movement exploration. It is extremely satisfying.” Christopher Harrison, AntiGravity® Founder Antigravity® Fitness & Yoga is the brainchild of Christipher Harrison, dancer choreographer and visionary in the world of dance and fitness. Founder of AntiGravity® inc, a union of athletes and artists who performs in theatrical stunt shows and breathtaking. In 2007 by the conjunction of Cristopher’s genius with the businessman owner of one of the most big American Fitness chains “Crunch!” born AntiGravity® Yoga that allows even “Mere mortals” to enjoy the joys and benefits of fitness suspention.