About me

Ilaria Cellura born in Monza on January 8, 1980
Passionate about sports, I practiced volleyball from a young age, until I reached the third division with the ProVictoria of Monza.
I obtained a certification as an aerobics instructor in 1998 and I taught 8 years in many gyms in Monza and neighborhood. In 2007 he obtained a degree in computer science and a specialization in Theories and Technologies of Communication from the University of Milan Bicocca. He has worked for almost 10 years in this sector but without ever losing the love and practice of sport.
After practicing poledance, krav maga, step, aerobics, rafting, aerial acrobatics, skating and many other sports, he discovered AntiGravity®.

In order to have better bases on human anatomy and biomechanics, he obtained a Pilates and postural gymnastics instructor certification with Fitnessway in 2015.

Through AntiGravity® he comes into contact with a talented woman: Sayonara Motta. CEO of FitEducation (an institution that promotes AntiGravity in Italy) and was also the teacher of Ilaria for courses such as Nike Training Club, PowerFlow, FlexZone and Deva Mynd Yoga school as well as AntiGravity®.

After collaborating for years with yoga studios and postural gymnastics centers, also at Virgin® and Hard Candy, in 2018 she opened her own sports association in collaboration with her colleague and friend Manuela Badessi, in the center of Palma de Mallorca: Fly High Mallorca .

Since 2018 she has specialized in the use of the Yoga Wheel by developing a program based on the work of the myofascia. The MYW (Myofascial Yoga Wheel) program is a true innovation in the use of the yoga wheel and in improving posturality.

In 2020 he develops a hybrid technique between yoga and dance: YogArmony, of which workshops and courses will start all over Italy shortly

Courses and specializations


AntiGravity®Fun 1 & 2
AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga 1 & 2
AntiGravity® Suspention Fitness 1 & 2
AntiGravity® Pilates
AntiGravity® Restorative Yoga
AntiGravity® Airbarre
NTC (Nike Training Club)
4D pro bungee


Deva Yoga Mynd RYT200
Prenatal yoga
Pilates and Postural


Taping operator
Acupuncturist (graduated from Estena Mallorca)
Naturopath (graduated from the Catholic university of Cuya)
Abdominal acupuncture course